5 Birthday Party Ideas for the Best Kids Party

5 Birthday Party Ideas for the Best Kids Party

Want to make sure your next kids birthday party is their best party ever?
Great kid’s parties happen when you have all the important Birthday Party Ideas together first. It’s not about the Party Theme as much as getting the basic things that create a harmonious environment to facilitate an amazing kid’s birthday party.

These are the 5 tips and ideas covered in this video.
#1. 00:29 Lead up activities to do are important to create a sense of excitement for your birthday party ideas

#2. 1:27 The Agreement with the kid’s before the birthday party activity begins

#3. 2:10 Outcomes are fantastic to create a memorable party that the kid’s will talk about and remember for a long time.

#4. 3:00 Party Food and Drinks – Wow, I can’t begin to tell you how crucial the success of your party is with these. Watch the video to get the full low down on this subject.

#5. 4:50 Memorabilia is what they take away with them or receive after the party that will connect the party guests with their friends forever.

Following these 5 Great Birthday Party Ideas will help you to create the best birthday parties for your kid’s even before you choose your Party Theme.

In More Detail: The Script

00:13 Most people will think about the theme for their birthday party idea first but there are far more import issues to consider in creating a successful party. Get these things right and you’ll create an amazing party where all the children have a great time and, without any tears.

00:29 Prior to the birthday – having activities to do and plan at least a week before the party is a great way to create a sense of anticipation and the excitement builds up as the the big day gets closer. Of course the first important task is to prepare and send out party invitations.
Spending some time thinking about how to incorporate the theme into the invitation can set up how you want the guests to prepare themselves also. Another important activity is informing your guests how you’d like them to dress for the occasion.

1:28 The Agreement is something I find really important. Children respond really well to structure. If you can begin the party with a discussion (what I call a Pre-Production meeting) and also ask them for their permission to be able to reel them in if they get a little unruly (that is…having fun), then they will respond immediately should a situation arise.
After all the idea of having a party is to have fun with all your close friends so we want to make sure they can have it all.

1:53 Agreements to have fun without affecting the theme (considering the bounds of the time limit allocated) are a great birthday party idea. For Pop Idol Parties I formally call it the Pre-Production meeting to emulate what a Music Producer would do with the artists they are about to record.

2:12 Outcomes – Choosing an activity where children are actively engaged in doing something together that has an outcome is a great team bonding exercise. An activity that involves learning and creating rather than just being entertained and over stimulated is a great thing to do.
Adults know the benefit of team building and corporations do various exercises that take them out of their normal environment to see how they will react and work together. The same applies with children.

3:00 Food and Drinks is a very important issue.
Statistics tell us that up to 8% of children will have an allergy or a hyper active disorder such as ADHD that could be triggered by sugar . Best practice here is to ask parents to let you know about their child when they RSVP the invitation.

3:33 On arrival – to drink – Prepare either filtered or sparkling water with a squeeze of lime, a slice of lime and a piece or two of mint leaves. Could be in a punch bowl or made up in glasses or plastic glasses.

3:53 To Eat On arrival, prepare a fresh chopped fruit platter or fruit on skewers. Watermelon, cantaloupe, apple, peach etc. This is also refreshing and energizing to make them feel good inside and creates a good state of mind as they get into the party atmosphere.

4:10 Don’t stop for food during the party activity. It just doesn’t work to break the flow once children are focused on an activity and foods can slow concentration. It is important to keep them hydrated though so more of the water or fruit punch is great refresher.

4:27 After the activity have food that is energizing and appetizing. My suggestion here is to do easy foods that are vegetarian.

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5 Birthday Party Ideas for the Best Kids Party

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