Pop Star Birthday Parties Newcastle

There are hundreds of Australian kids all over this country who (in their dreams) would love to be the next Australian Idol. We watch them freeze up under pressure in front of the judges and lose their position very quickly. This makes for great reality TV that keeps thousands glued to their screens to see who will make it through to the Opera House and achieve their Pop Star statis and open up all their dreams for musical success.

Pop Star Birthday Parties | Lady Gaga Bad RomanceSo many kids from Newcastle watch the program and will role play their favourite Pop Star contestants. This could be a good opportunity for mums and dads to start thinking of how you can have your own Pop Star Birthday Party for your next kids birthday party.

Pop Star Clothing

Kids love to emulate their Pop Idols so they could be thinking about what the theme of the dress may be. The kids may be into Pink, Caly Rae Repsen, Katy Perry or Lady Ga Ga for the girls or for the boys Jason Derulo, Usher or Coldplay. This could determine what they want to come dressed as or, maybe your group of friends already have a very clear idea about what they would look like if they were a Pop Star so with a bit of help from mum could very well come up with the perfect outfit that would look great for their Paparazzi Photo Session for the front and inside cover artwork for their very own CD.

Pop Star Song Choices

Anyone who has watched Australian Idol knows that one of the most important aspects of the show are the songs choices the contestants make. Making the wrong choice could send you home and if you are going to have your own group then it’s really important to know that everyone in the group likes or even better still, loves the songs that you will perform.

It’s also a great idea to rehearse your chosen songs before the birthday recording day so the songs will sound in tune, in time and have some passion in the performance. This will make you want to hear your songs over and over again and others (like family and friends) to love them also.

The Pop Star Birthday Party

On the day when all your friends arrive you will:

  • rehearse your chosen songs
  • record them at least once
  • listen to see how they sound – do overdub fixes if need be
  • have a Pop Star Photo Session for the front and inside CD sleeve
  • Sign your autographs for the back cover

It’s also a very cool idea to have a Dance Party after the activities to wind down from all your hard work being a Pop Star. 

If you live in the Newcastle, Hunter Region or Central Coast and would love to have a Pop Star Birthday Party for your kids and their friends then call John on 0413 509 035 or email john@monkeydrum.com.au for full details and pricing. We can tailor a party to suit all your needs including a DJ Party