Pop Star Birthday Parties

If you have been charged with organising your daughter’s (or any other young girl’s) birthday party you may be struggling for ideas. In these times children are not satisfied with Pop Star Birthday Partiestraditional parties. They crave something different that they and their friends will be talking about for months to come. Below we have compiled a list of great party ideas that any girl would love for their birthday party.

Pop Star Birthday Parties

The latest trend in girls parties is Pop Star Birthday Parties. At a pop start party your daughter and her friends will be made to feel like pop stars for the day. They will start off by walking the red carpet and enjoying a “cocktail” reception. Next they will record their very own pop song in a professional recording studio. At the end of the party each guest will presented with their own personalised CD.

Pamper Party

Pamper parties are beauty salon style parties, suitable for girls aged six to sixteen. At a pamper party the birthday girl and her guests will be treated to a luxury make-over which normally consists of hair styling, a facial, nail art and foot spas. Pamper parties are held in your home meaning that you are not responsible for transporting the birthday guests to and from a venue. As such pamper parties are extremely popular with young girls.

The Beatles, A Tribute. Pop Star Birthday PartiesThemed Party

Traditional parties simply don’t get kids excited these days. However there are many party providers who have put a different spin on the traditional party to make them more appealing. They have done this by adding a theme to them. The themes which particularly appeal to girls are Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Grease and Camp Rock. Each individual; party is specifically tailored to the theme. At a themed party the party provider will decorate your venue with themed party ware. They will also play themed games and competitions with the guests.

Limousine Party

There is no better way to make your daughter feel special than by organising a limousine party. A limousine party usually begins at your house where your daughter and her guests will be collected. They will then enjoy a ride in the limousine where they can enjoy “cocktails”, the use of games consoles and music. The limousine will then drop them off to a local restaurant where they can enjoy a nice meal before being taken back home in luxury.

So, if you are looking for a party that has the wow factor you should consider one of the afore mentioned girls birthday parties.

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